Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New Years Resolution, better late then never....

My New Year's Resolution was to restart my Blog, I know, I know it's now February!!  

The last Blog was a Typepad one and I sort of got fed up of talking to myself there and besides Blogger seems THE place to be these days for crafty bloggy types :D 

So what's been happening in the Pollypurplehorse World?  well back in August I made a birthday card for my Daughter and I started to draft a Blog post shortly after that..........and well I forgot to publish it :D  So here it is:

"My Daughter turned 16 recently and I needed to make a special Birthday Card.  I knew she had a liking for my brand new 'Molly Rules' and 'Max Rocks' stamp sets from 'Visible Image' and so decided to use those as the basis for her card.

I thought a folding kinetic style card would work well and cut Bazzill cardstock to fit the various sized sections of the card.  for the front panel I used a brick stamp and versamark ink, to which I then applied a small amount of pan pastel in 'orange' to give a contrast to the rest of the brick pattern and the barbwire which was stamped in black ink.

'Molly' was stamped onto white smooth stamping card from Oakhouse Studio and I coloured 'Molly' using a selection of pro-markers.  Pan pastels in bright turquoise and pink shades were also used on the card base.  After colouring 'Molly' was carefully cut using a 'Go Kreate' die and the card was assembled. I also personalised it for her by stamping letters to spell out her name and added the '16' in black memento ink too. 

Anyway, Ellie loved the card and was extra thrilled when she found out it had been picked as a winner over at Visible Image.  :) 


  1. Love all the bright colours!

  2. Angela - when I click the box to 'join this site' it just comes up blank?

    1. Hi Lesley, not really sure what is happening there. I have tested it from my ipod 'safari' browser and also from my main computer using 'FireFox' and it shows up fine for me? I need to see if I can get someone else to test it for me and see if the problem occurs again.