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Kimono Paper Doll Card – First Edition Floral Fusion Papers - Trimcraft DT

Hello, today I'm sharing a make with my favourite papers at the moment, which are the fabulous First Edition Floral Fusion, I love the oriental style. I also love paper folding and have always wanted to fold a kimono paper doll, it’s really simple and there are guides online. Why not make them with different sleeve and hair styles?

Step By Step:
Create a little folded Kimono shape first, there are guides online but they use washi paper which is a lot thinner than the high quality First Edition papers, so I have made the Obi (belt) as just one layer rather then rolled over.  The Kimono is created in 4 pieces (the Kimono gown, 2 sleeves and 1 Obi belt) and the head is 4 pieces (face, neck, hair, fringe) There are no exact measurements, just play with the paper until you are happy (you could practice with scrap paper first if you prefer)

I started with a sheet of 6x6 double sided paper and trimmed a piece off the left hand side, basically to make it a rectangle.  I then folded over the top about 2cm and then folded it back about 1cm to give a collar of about 1cm.  then took the paper from the top left corner and brought it across the front about half way, lined up the bottom hem and then pressed flat, it will give a slight shoulder fold.  The do the same with the right hand top corner, bring it over the front and line up with side edge of kimono and bottom, crease to give the shoulder fold as before.  Fold over the top layer slighter to give a reveal of the d/s paper.

Next cut a strip of paper to match for the Obi belt (I’m using the other side of the double sided paper used for the kimono so it will coordinate).  Cu the Obi strip approx. 2cm deep and fold around the Kimono.  It needs to sit high up and will cover the top fold details.  Glue the Obi ends together to complete the belt on the back.  (If you are keeping as a doll then be neat on the back too, if it’s going onto a card then you don’t have to worry about the back)  (I understand that the younger a lady is, the higher she wears the Obi, so if yours is lower it just means she’s a bit older: D)

Next cut 2 sleeve shapes for the arms in paper to match the Kimono gown, basically 2 squares, cut into them to create L shapes (left & right versions) and round edges to create shaped sleeves (again you can be creative with the sleeves.  Position sleeves and adhere at back of gown.

To create the head, cut a circle approx. 3cm from white card, and a strip for the neck, colour with First Edition markers.  Glue neck to back of head.  Create front of hair by cutting a 3cm circle from white card and colour with black marker (or use black card), cut into the circle to create chosen fringe shape and adhere to head using 3D foam squares.   Create hair length as desired, coloured to match fringe and adhere to back of head, using 3D foam squares.  Slide neck into kimono body and glue into position.  You know have a little paper doll.

I have added this paper doll to a card as follows:
Create white card base by scoring & folding A4 White Card in half.  Cut Floral Fusion paper approx. 12.75cm x 18.75cm.  Add 2 strips of text pattern and 2 strips of leaf pattern paper across card front.  Mat paper panel onto black card and then again onto card front using d/s tape.  Cut pennant shapes from patter papers using the FE Bunting die set and adhere at top left corner.  Position paper doll on card front and adhere in place.

Products used:
First Edition Floral Fusion 6x6 Paper Pad – FEPAD157
First Edition Floral Fusion 8x8 Paper Pad – FEPAD156
First Edition Bunting Dies – FEDIE147
Dovecraft Black Card – DSBS138
White Card
First Edition Markers (face & hair)
Adhesives: D/S Tape, Clear drying Glue, 3D Foam Squares

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