Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Origami Christmas Trees - A Tutorial

Hello, I thought I'd post a little tutorial for those little origami trees I use on my Christmas cards and tags, I even used them as part of the packaging on extra special orders last year. I have been asked a few times how to make them, and again after showing this one, so here goes:

These little trees are fun to make for your xmas cards and tags.  I usually make them slightly larger and use as a main image on my cards, but for this version they are slightly smaller. 

    Cut 3 squares from your chosen patterned papers. The squares should ideally graduate evenly in size.  I used 8 x 8cm, 6 x 6cm and a 4 x 4cm square.  (For a larger version try 10cm, 8cm & 6cm).

  First fold each square in half horizontally and then vertically. Opening each time between folds.

    Then fold corner to corner for each diagonal. Use a bone folder to help make your creases. You should now have 3 squares with 4 fold lines on each.

   If you gently squeeze in the two side sections, you will see your paper will make the shape shown in the pic.

    Now press down the top and bottom sections together to create a flattened triangle shape

    Use your bone folder to smooth these folds down. Do this for all 3 squares.

     Next you need to fold in each side of the triangle. I started with the right hand side by folding just the top layer in towards the centre of my triangle, smoothing down with the bone folder and then repeating with the left hand side
   You should now have 3 of these folded triangle tree layers as shown

    I use a small blob of glue to assemble my tree layers, placing it just inside on the back panel of each section.  You may decide you want to add more glue on some of the front flaps depending on how flat you want your tree and the thickness of the papers used.  I like mine to look quite dimensional so don’t tend to stick too much of it down.
     View of the origami tree from the back:

View from the side:

 and the front view:

    I also cut a little pot shape for my tree, and I also like to add a little strip of card to make a little tree trunk, I used red card for this to complement my colour scheme.

Optionally, you may wish to ink the edges of your tree layers before assembling, you can also do that afterwards, like I did with my red distress ink. 
Overall these are quite simple little origami shapes to make and assemble. It is quite relaxing to make these in bulk, why not have a stash of square papers already cut for whenever you fancy a spot of paper folding.  

Materials Used:
 'Buff', 'Post Box Red' and 'Pale Turquoise card
All card is by Papermill Direct - link here:

Patterned papers are from the 'Krafty Christmas' range by Trimcraft