Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Little Things In Life...

So it's Thursday again and the launch of another fabulous offer card from Papermill Direct.  My brain is still in telling me to 'relax' mode.  I'm starting to feel a lot better but I try to do too much and then suddenly feel exhausted. At these times my comfy chair seems so appealing.  Now my comfy chair has seen better days and is nowhere near as stylish as the one I created for this little card.

 I used my little Cricut Mini to cut out the chair layers and the sentiment that reads "The Little Things In Life...".  It may not be immediately apparent but all the chair layers and the sentiment layers were all cut in one colour, and that is this weeks special offer card from papermill direct a 230gsm 'Ivory Lightly Embossed' card (a small box is just £5 Link Here)  which has a delicate embossing on it which is similar to the popular leather effect, the Ivory Lightly embossed has a more smaller more delicate grain and I thought it perfect for my comfy chair project.  I coloured layers in 'grey squirrel' and 'pastel blue' pro markers.  You can see the embossed card coloured perfectly evenly and really looks like I used card in those colours.  How versatile is that card then, it means I can cut all sorts of small shapes with layers all in one go and not have to worry about colouring til I'm ready to assemble the finished project. The lightly embossed detail adds depth to the surface and I think it makes the colouring neater and look more finished then it would on a flat card.
 I did however use one other card to create my contrast, I chose the fab 240gsm 'maroon' papermill card, it has a lovely dark rich tone that co-ordinates with the white and the 'grey squirrel' pro-marker and I think works well with the pale blue colours too. Again I didn't want to over-embellish this one, so kept the highlights simple and subtle by adding some self adhesive pale blue gemstones to the back of the chair and to the 'i's in the sentiment.  I thought 3 larger stones would finish off the sentiment well, giving a feeling that you could finish off the sentence in your head ...

Materials Used:
230gsm Light Ivory Embossed 'offer' Card - Papermill Direct
240gsm Maroon Card - Papermill Direct
Promarkers in 'Grey Squirrel' and 'Pastel Blue'
Pale Blue adhesive faux gems in 2 sizes
Cricut Mini

Challenges Entered:

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  1. This is a fab creation, Angela.....the colours work so well together and really stand out from that maroon base. Glad you're starting to feel better. It's no fun if you have deadlines to meet and you don't feel 100% xx

    1. thanks Barbara, 'crafting is my therapy' I think I should make that into wall art or a T-Shirt or something :D I seem to skip past the Maroon when going through my colour swatch cards, but when i placed the pale blue against it, it really stood out, so think that's another combo to revisit. :)

  2. Gorgeous card Angela. Really elegant looking xx

  3. This one's both cute and classy, a tricky combination to pull off but you did big time.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I didn't get time to re-take my pics, but I'm happy with how my little card turned out. I do like these embossed cardstocks for adding extra details to designs :)